The boy and the giant

The giant is a GOD! great beautifully strong body. The “boy” is one of the hottest passionate Bottom Studs in the business, Allen King. Just the size difference between the two actors gives you the impression of a daddy/son. BUT appreciate this as a super hot studs scene. Watching Allen worshiping and inflaming his partner? absolutely riveting. And love that Andre has the strength to man handle and make loving fucking of Allen. Super hot scene. Marvelous cum and veined cock starting 39:09.

MEN – Cock Sucking & Bareback Fucking

Lots to like and smile about. Ace and Devon are hot and really into each other so their action was easy to enjoy. Then they try to find refuge in the hotel room of a dildo salesman? lol. who wants to demo his product and his cock? And Ace has FUCK ME tattooed on his buns? lol. The hot Damon engages them in even more fun. At the end they make up the bed BUT I would have wanted them to stay overnight as bed warmers. very fun hot scene.

Devon Franco and Damon Hart

Regardless of the story line. This is a very active, intense three way among three great hot studs. All of whom exhibit very fuckable asses. But I wish Damon would have played the role of alien. he’s tall enough to be freakishly alien. lol very hot scene.

My gardener

When your friend in the same high rises splutters on the phone: It’s all happening? You hustle up to his apartment and get to join in a three way with friend and Super Gardener? You might decide you want to eat some of his sausage, test some of his hose pumping action in your ass hole, and maybe I woulda’ liked to plant some seed into his bushy gardener’s chest hair. Love the hot scene and enjoyed the heck out of the hilarious story line.

Everybody Loves Ben

Now these kind of scenes would have made Everybody Loves Raymond a LOT more interesting. Ben might have started asleep and just sleepily reaching for his partner’s cock. but that butt SLAP at 03:42 would have woken me up. This is a pretty loving gentle wake up fuck. except I didn’t see much lube in evidence. (except a wee bit of tongue work). Usually in the morning you’re dry as a bone. Helluva scene, super stud bodies. Love watching them in action all those undulating curves!